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Fair-to middling musician, flawed proclaimer of the Word and the Kingdom, and okay teacher doing the best he can most of the time, utterly and completely dependent on Gods grace and mercy.

What Is It?

September 19, 2011 First United Methodist Church, Hermiston, OR Exodus 16:2-15 The children of Israel are free. They are also hungry. Through the miraculous plagues of Moses, God has redeemed them from house of slavery and defeated their former overlords … Continue reading

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Places – Thin and Thick

July 17, 2011 Heppner United Methodist Church, Heppner, OR John 4: 20-24 Genesis 28: 10-19a It’s always interesting when Scripture give us two seemingly-contradictory messages.  There are people who are really bothered by these sorts of things – I’m not. … Continue reading

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